When it is time to let loose the inner woman, the woman of strength, possibly fierce,
the one kept hidden for far too long, contact us.

I am Michael D. McGuire, of Real Photography, and I am working with Naomi Fox, of Foxy Faces,
and Heather Thomason, Hair-Stylist-Designer, to unleash the inner woman in every woman
and remind the man, or men, in her life that she is not to be taken for granted

These are
not your basic Glamour make-overs or Boudoir photographs. These are works of art at which we work
extremely hard in order to express the inner persona for every woman with whom we work.

These are images of
you, not necessarily of your everyday you, but of you
in another time and place of your imagining. We just help you bring it out for a short period of time.

To find out more about this experience, contact us at



To see how this magic is made, please click on the image above. For another session of the magic, click on the image below